Virtual trade fairs

Show your
digital presence!


With a virtual trade fair, you can offer your customers an interactive event: contactless, but with a tangible virtual presence. With a virtual trade fair, you also have the opportunity to reach far more interested parties - who can visit your event from the comfort of their office or home. Not only are there no expenses for setting up the trade fair, renting hotel rooms, travel and accommodation costs, a virtual event is also significantly more sustainable and virtually climate-neutral.


Creanimation has many years of experience in the field of virtual reality and can competently create your VR event or virtual trade fair - in any desired size.

We plan for you - from a single room to an extensive virtual trade fair with many options and flexibility. Just the way it suits your company and your products. Experience your event spaces in 3D and navigate easily with a mouse pointer and a click. The controls are also simple and intuitive for visitors.


VR events and virtual trade fairs offer numerous additional options, from banners to livestream videos. Downloads such as flyers or brochures can also be easily integrated. Benefit from our comprehensive service right through to the production of your professional trade fair film.


virtual worlds

With the help of CGI, computer-generated imagery, we develop individual, impressive events especially for you. We use modern technology to transport you to breathtaking, fictional worlds - let your event take place in the Caribbean, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or at the Brandenburg Gate.

Or invite participants to your company for a virtual trade fair: We can realistically recreate your company headquarters with your corporate design, your tried-and-tested trade fair stand or even entire production facilities with your production processes. Your event can be designed as individually as you wish. Discover the limitless possibilities.


Customer approach

A virtual trade fair offers many options for getting in touch with your customers. To address customers personally, you can integrate an avatar that welcomes customers and participants as a digital representative, guides them through the virtually created space and acts as a contact person.

Choose between a purchased stock image, an employee picture or a cast model as a video. We realize your individual wishes in our green screen studio. The video recordings are then embedded in your event as an avatar. In impressive, photorealistic quality that will inspire your visitors.


Interactive 3D models
and product pop-ups

Present your service or your products to guests as an interactive 3D model - in the highest quality.


The 3D visualization allows visitors to explore products in the best possible way: The interactive interface allows objects to be zoomed or rotated, for example.

Product pop-ups offer additional convenience when navigating. These mouse-click activated pop-ups are ideal for providing additional information on individual products or (animated) detailed views.


The VR glasses (optional) offer a very special experience, allowing visitors to discover the simulated experience rooms and make their visit interactive.


Live guided tours

You can generate individual customer contact with our VR-SALES, the virtual guided tours. This unique, powerful sales tool enables you to meet your customers live in the showrooms of your virtual trade fair. The customer receives access via a personal link.


Guide the customer through the event rooms, present your products, talk to your customer or let the visitor discover the rooms themselves. This will create lasting impressions and added value for the customer, long after the VR event has ended.


This innovative option offers the opportunity to experience a tour of the premises together with customers, participants or colleagues. Live guided tours can even be made even more personal with a video call - because direct contact and individual support have often been lacking in online presentations until now.


Whether it's a virtual trip to any location, training with the team, live presentations with an individual touch or professional product presentations that are digitally integrated - your customers will be impressed.

Take your guests on a virtual tour by sharing your screen view with them or, subject to their consent, vice versa. The synchronized view allows you to take turns guiding them through the virtual world.


The visitor can be guided by the host, but can also "opt out" and look around independently without losing the interactivity of a virtual tour. The participant then returns to the group by clicking on the host. Perfect for addressing questions about various elements or details in the virtual rooms.


The host has the opportunity to point out interesting facts in real time, which are presented to visitors in 360° mode. An ideal basis for discussion for all participants! Live tours therefore offer more than a simple video conference with a split screen - they are a communication tool embedded in the virtual tour - which would not be possible in this form with a split screen view in 360° mode with Skype or Zoom, for example.


Virtual training courses, training sessions and much more

Would you like to round off your VR event with an e-learning application or a quiz?


Of course - you have a wide range of options at your disposal.


Online training is an ideal addition: interactive "discovery hotspots", a quiz, integrated results assessments and an integrated LMS (Learning Management System) turn the virtual tour into a training tour.

When combined with traditional 3DVista functions, the 360° view becomes the perfect medium for carrying out training courses using virtual twins. Simulated work environments enable actions or applications that are often more intuitive and safer than those performed in the real world.


Discover e-learning, simulation training, virtual excursions, company tours, quizzes with evaluations and many other possibilities!


More topicality through livestreams

Give your virtual trade fair more topicality with live streams: specialist presentations, discussions, expert panels or webinars can be easily integrated.


Participants from different locations are brought together virtually on an imaginary stage. Pre-recorded interviews or videos can be easily integrated into an actual live stream.

Create added value for your visitors with live talks and discussion panels. So you are close to your customers. Regardless of time and place. And with an unlimited number of participants.


Your virtual trade fair

Easily integrate your virtual trade fair into your existing website as an exhibition space that can be accessed at any time via an I-frame - or opt for a digital trade fair with fixed opening hours in the form of a microsite. The experts at creanimation will be happy to create a microsite for you.


Together with you, we develop your customized design and integrate functions
that fit your requirements.

Your employees act as contact persons and customer contact takes the form of interactive communication via group, individual or video chats.


Whether desktop or mobile - we provide you with a system that can be used on all end devices. Of course, we can also develop your own app for you.