VR events & virtual trade fairs

With a digital event, you can offer your customers an interactive event: contactless, but with a tangible virtual presence.

We plan for you - from a single room to an extensive virtual trade fair with many options and flexibility.


Creanimation uses high-end rendering technology (Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)) to create impressive 3D visual worlds and offer you a unique visual experience: individually tailored to your product, your requirements and your needs.

Film & Animation

A picture is worth a thousand words, and above all, when it moves, it moves us.

We bring you into the moving image age - and create high-quality moving images for you for a wide range of applications.

Augmented reality

CG modeling for augmented reality is considered the future of e-commerce.

Viewing is optimized - customers can see the product in detail and try it out in different environments. This is why large product companies and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify rely on augmented reality. Advantage: More customers are generated and return rates are reduced. You too can use high-quality 3D modeling as the key to success.

360-degree views

360-degree views are an interactive experience - your products are not only shown from their best side, but from all sides in great detail.

Product photography

CGI offers countless advantages - we also offer classic product photography.

Because sometimes the "imperfect" is perfect.

Conception & Direction

We are not only strong doers, but also great thinkers. From the concept & the first storyboard to the finished production, we think holistically and develop content that fits your brand, whether still or moving.


The creanimation team always has its finger on the pulse of the times, close to market developments and current trends. We are happy to advise you with a great deal of expertise on how your projects and products can be staged best and most efficiently.