Film & Animation

Film & Animation

A picture is worth a thousand words and, above all, when it moves, it moves us. We bring you into the moving image age - and create high-quality moving images for you for a wide range of applications.


Videos have long been more than just a "nice to have"; they are an important part of the marketing material used on channels such as YouTube, Instagram and others. We can generate several clips and stills from one film, which you can place on your favorite channels in parallel or with a time delay. Moving images are part of popular content and are an investment that quickly pays off.

2D & 3D animations can be used to clearly explain complex issues and present content that would not be possible in this form using conventional production techniques. Multi-dimensional animations get to the heart of the matter. There are no limits to your imagination - and of course we make the most of it!

But we also love real film! In addition, we realize film productions and capture the moments and emotions as they are: real, authentic and good.

Whether it's an in-house film including set construction or a major production in a green screen studio: we are digital, we are well networked and we guarantee to put together the ideal team. We attach great importance to full transparency!


In this way, we harmonize the two production techniques and use the respective advantages to create an efficiently produced end product for you.