Creanimation uses high-end rendering technology (Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)) to create impressive 3D visual worlds and offer you a unique visual experience: individually tailored to your product, your requirements and your needs.


Products and images are visualized in photorealistic detail using the latest software - even if your product is still in the development phase.


Creating 3D data saves time and money - because CGI technology is a flexible and efficient solution.
Creanimation works in cooperation with software developers using the latest technology - so we are always up to date. At the same time, we remain solution-oriented and creative.
The Creanimation team is young, fresh and closely linked to the market. We keep up with the latest trends and are always changing - so you benefit from our expertise!

We create visual product worlds for a wide range of applications:

- Architecture & Interior

- Automotive

- Health & Cosmetics

- Industry & Consumer

- Food

- & much more

3D visualizations offer many advantages:

With our 3D renderings, you can expect a high-quality end product. Compared to conventional product photography, you can always count on a high-quality, razor-sharp and color-accurate end product with our 3D renderings.
A high-quality realization that would not be possible in reality or would require time-consuming image processing.

Adaptations at the touch of a button: Once a 3D model or 3D scenery, including a virtual light setup, has been created, adaptations can be created effortlessly, for example additional perspectives can be generated, textures or labels can be easily replaced in packshots. And even after several years, because the virtual photo studio remains unchanged!

This not only saves a lot of time, but is also an important cost factor!

Even if your product is not yet on the market and not even a prototype exists, a 3D model can be created with the help of visualization technology - so we can present your products professionally and in detail even before the market launch.
Thanks to 3D rendering, you can act flexibly and create marketing material in advance.

With our 3D software, we can provide you with every conceivable format and resolution. Tailored to your professional requirements - from key visuals for brochures to XXL banners for façade design.

Once you have decided on our 3D visualizations, they can be used to create small clips or even complex animations that are ideal for use on social media & co.